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“Honesty, reliability, and human approach form the basis of our work. We try to help every client, no matter how specific their requirements. We fully fulfill every commitment to our clients, employees, and business partners. That’s why we - in the 8 years of company existence - acquired a number of partnerships that continue today.”

Lukáš Bryksa, jednatel a výkonný ředitel firmy

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Lukáš Bryksa
Lukáš Bryksa, Managing Director and CEO

In 2009, Lukáš founded the company. He often works late into the night or on weekends. That’s because he cares and he wants to satisfy you. He wants you to be happy all the time, not just some 40 hours per week.

Zuzana Veselá, Commercial Director

Zuzana participated in the founding of the company in 2009. She is managing the entire sales team and she actively sells as well. She precisely evaluates the effectiveness and return on all invested money. She would never sell you a service or product that would not bring you benefits - on the contrary, she would tell you not to buy it.

Šárka Kalužíková, sales assistant

Šárka takes care of all the administration, such as contracts, invoices or reports and HR. You can contact her at any time with any inquiries about contracts and payments. She will explain you everything you need. In her free time she loves riding the bicycle or walking in the nature.

Petra Švaříčková, Office manager

Our manager Petra takes care of all the corporate administration, we can't imagine the company mailing, phone calls and the company without it. You will meet Petra at the company reception always smiling and in a good mood - in her free time she is recharging on skates or cycling. So do not be afraid to call or write at any time.

Svatopluk Kouřil, account manager

Svaťa has 20 years of experience in business and he still remains invincible optimist. That is because he is taking lot of energy from the forest and nature. He recommends to his clients not just those services, which will bring profit, but he is trying to give something more to upgrade their whole business.

Martin Hájek, project manager

Martin takes care that each project is technically tuned, done in time and meets all requirements. He'll answer any questions you may have regarding your project, which it supervises from start to finish. In spare time Martin runs a scout troop so it is no wonder that the sense of order and discipline he has simply in blood.

Pavel Horelica, SEO Consultant

Pavel’s job is to arrange it so that people will find you on the Internet. He cares about optimizing your webpages for search engines, he studies data from analytical tools, and he uses this knowledge to find out how to improve your website and move it forward.

Daniel Žůrek, Technical manager

Dan is our mediator between the mortal world and the world of programmers. He resolves with you all the technical aspect of your website, e-shop or CMS. Although Dan is a programmer, stereotypes doesn´t apply on him. You will always meet him smiling and willing to help.

Lenka Zachrdlová, SEO Consultant

If you want search engines to fall in love with your website, first you have to attract your visitors. That´s why Lenka makes site analysis and site optimalization to make your site as user friendly as possible and keep it constantly getting better. It´s a long-distance run, but Lenka just likes challenges and obstacles and can give her soul into every single project.

Kristýna Sládečková, copywriter

The key to a successful website is original content that elevates positive emotions. And that's what Kristýna does - for her every text is a creative play with words and also a short story which will surprise, attract, and sell.

Dominik Bezděk, linkbuilder

Dominik's passion is to explore the interesting websites, their authority and their potential to gain backlinks. He is constantly trying to produce original ideas, so that the content of your site could be used in the best way possible. Dominik's motto is “there is always something to learn,” and when he can´t create something original, he goes to walk his dog to a nature, just to clean his head.

Radek Hájek, Social media specialist

"Who is not active on social networks as if he did not exist." That is why Radek makes sure your Facebook and Instagram profiles are always filled with interesting and engaging content. He is constantly looking for new ways to spark the interest of new fans and reach as many customers as possible.

Vojtěch Svoboda, Graphic Designer

When his muse kisses him, Vojta will design an original logo, a billboard, a new face of website with its responsive version - in short, everything you want. He likes to take and edit photos and knows how to work with prints. Vojta is a universal athlete, you can meet him at the gym, at the squash or at the thaibox class where he loads his batteries and looks for a new inspiration.

Jaroslav Loduha, PPC specialista

Jaroslav is a PPC expert focused on brandbuilding and performance marketing. It will take care of everything from strategy design, implementation to analysis and subsequent optimization. Jaroslav regularly tests, make sure your ad on Google or the list is clearly visible and not waste your money.

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