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First, we find out as much information as we can about your website

We discover your site’s major errors and weaknesses

Finally, we advise you how to fix these errors as quickly as possible

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The simpler and clearer a website is for your customers, the more success you will gain.

If the customers are not losing time on your website, then the same visit rate brings you more profit.

How can we do it?

We set goals

First, we need to know what you are actually expecting of your website and find out how to fulfill these expectations. Surely we can find the right way.

We put our heads together

Our UX designer, web designer, and SEO specialist sit together and figure out the best way to improve your website. They are not deciding based on their opinion, but rather they apply general rules of usability and accessibility.

We gather data

We use Google Analytics, we put the clickheat map on your website, and we pull data. From these data, we evaluate the behavior of your website visitors.

We put it on paper

Or rather into Word. Anyway, you will have everything in black and white and you will get a series of steps that will help improve your website.

It makes no sense to invest money to increase visit rate, when the website is not usable. Because the people will go away. So we’ll do an analysis of the web usage first and then proceed to marketing.

Lenka Zachrdlová
SEO Consultant
Lenka Zachrdlova

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