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We adjust the tree structure and content of your website

We help you gain a lot of quality backlinks

We increase your visit rate from natural search

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The visitors from natural search are the best ones to come to your webpages. You do not have to payfor them, they come constantly, and they are interested in your services.

But to let the natural visit rate of your webpage grow, you have to work on it. This is exactly what we are doing within SEO management.

How can we do it?

We modify the web structure

We prepare an analysis of keywords and modify the structure of the website, so that you have many relevant webpages to attract visitors.

We gain backlinks

We gain meaningful links which really may help you. Relevant backlinks can improve the position of your site in the search engine.

We work with content

Titles, descriptions, articles, counseling, microcopy – we write everything on your web to fit what your customers are interested in. And what they (and search engines) like.

We measure and improve

During SEO administration, we constantly measure results, introduce new functions (features), try A/B testing. We do not let your website be, we improve it to go forward.

Natural search is the most constant and often most profitable source of visit rate of the site. Begin to work on increasing this as soon as possible.

Pavel Horelica
SEO consultant
Pavel Horelica

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