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First we have to get to know your business

Right after we’ll identify your customers

And finally we’ll design awebsite that perfectly suits them

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Someone will promise you a pretty website. Another one will promise you a modern website. We promise you a website, where the visitors do exactly what you want them to do there..

And it does not matter whether you want them to shop, to register, to donate or just to fill out a form.

How can we do it?

By understanding your business

We do not build your websites like houses on greenfield. We ask you for information - a lot of information, such as history and present of your business, your strengths and weaknesses, and, of course, the main market characteristics of your field.

By creating a website

Now we know who you are and what customers want from you. With this information, we are able to design a webpage for you that will succeed.

By understanding your customers

The new website is not for us. Not even for you. The new website will serve your customers and therefore we deeply analyze, what are their needs and interests.

By testing everything

We do not simply let the website run as soon as it is finished. First, we test it and we resolve any problems that arise.

We develop websites as well as CMS on our own. This means that all aspects of your website are under control and we can always adapt it to suit your business needs.

Jedna reference přímo od srdce:

"IMP net pro naši školu vytvořila nové webové stránky odpovídající moderním trendům v internetové komunikaci. Grafický vzhled a profily včetně redakčního systému nám umožňují reagovat v průběhu školního roku na změny či novinky. Inovovali jsme i Intranet, Studentský informační systém aj., které nyní skvěle slouží studentům i pedagogům školy." Vysoká škola obchodní v Praze PhDr. Miroslava Moutelíková, marketing

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