We get to know your business precisely

We propose three versions of the new logo

We fine-tune the chosen ones to the smallest detail

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Designing a logo, it’s not just a random fancy graphics but rather it’s a perfectly mastered process.

Before we start designing we find out a lot of information. We took the important information and we make three versions of the new logo, which will surprise you.

How can we do it?

We get to know your business

The logo must represent the characteristic features of your business. Therefore, we first get to know your work, your customers, and your competitors as well.

We draw a sketch

We create three simple sketches of your new logo. And of course, we explain exactly what they mean.

We discover its essence

From the collected information, we select the most important ones, which will be the main essence and the main motive for the logo.

We tune and illustrate

We master the selected sketch to perfection. And then we give it to you with the specification of the colors both in RGB and CMYK, so that you can use it at any time.

A good logo will accompany your business’ whole life. Do not let the design be subpar - your company’s success starts from its graphic presentation.

Nikola Závodníková
graphic and designer
Michal Weigel

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