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First, we prepare a keyword analysis

Then we upgrade the tree structure of your website

Finally, we set on-page factors and we advise you on how to increase off-page factors.

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You can have a good website, but if your customers cannot find it on the internet, then it is useless.

That is why you need SEO analysis. We will take care of increasing the value of your website, so that it has a better position on search engines.

How can we do it?

We conduct a Keyword Analysis

Using cutting-edge tools (Open Refine, Keyword Tool), we produce a keyword analysis in a clear table for you.

We set on-page and other elements

We make descriptions and unique titles of pages like error 404 pages, robots.txt, etc. We will tune the main elements so the search engines will just love them.

We adjust the tree structure

Based on analysis of keywords, we expand the tree structure of your website by increasing the number of webpages from where you can redirect the people to your website.

We give you advice for the future

SEO is long-term process. Therefore, we also advise you on how to work with your website, especially with respect to obtaining backlinks.

SEO analysis is a necessary basis for an online promotion of your website. Only when you have it, can you start working on the next marketing strategy.

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SEO Consultant
Lenka Zachrdlova

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