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We discover interesting content

We use it in a catchy form to interest the masses

And finally, we create a minisite to spread the content all around the world

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Crazy crash test, controversial recruitment or perhaps a blog with a lot of sharp opinions? No problem - even though some types of interesting content do not fit on your main website, they might fit perfectly onto your minisite.

It is important that such content be presented in a way to attract your target audience. And after some time, we can redirect this audience to your main website.

How can we do it?

By finding appropriate content

Minisites are better for some specific fields and less for others. In any case, we’ll try to find information that could be interesting to your customers.

By creating a minisite

The minisite should be simple, clear, and interesting. And, of course, the minisite should push it to visitors to add it to their favorites so they will be willing to return soon.

By providing an interesting wrap

The content needs a tempting wrap, could be shocking, controversial or just somehow catchy. We publish your content in the most attractive possible form to gain the attention of your target group.

By connecting with your main web

We connect your new minisite discreetly with your main website, which will increase its visit rate.

We develop e-shops as well as CMS on our own. This means that all aspects of your website are under control and we can always adapt it to suit your business needs.

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Václav Vidlička

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