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We tune your XML feed to perfection

We find a pair for every product. Both automatically and manually

We configure the price for click through rates

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Comparison shopping websites make a major part of a turnover to the majority of e-shops.

But just a few of e-shops are using 100% of their potential. Maybe they do not have time. Or maybe they do not know how to work with them. We can help you to change it.

How can we do it?

Improving an XML feed

With tools like Mergado or Google Merchant Center, we remove from the XML feed bad characters, duplications, and the other factors.

We optimize

We are constantly working with CPC, so that every product has the best cost-benefit ratio.

We pair the products

If some of your products do not pair automatically with appropriate cards of the shopbots, we pair them manually.

We care

We communicate with the support of creating cart products, solving problems with the pairing, and then we assess the results.

Make shopbots your bestselling marketing channel. Heuréka, Zboží, Google Shopping or Product search adds are alfa and omega of successful e-shops.

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Pavel Horelica

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