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First, we find out what your customers are looking for on the internet

We prepare aclear summary table in Excel for you

Finally, we advise you on how to use this informationfor your profit

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Keyword analysis is critical when creating of any meaningful website.

Thanks to keyword analysis, we’ll find out what your customers are looking for on the internet, how they think, and what is bothering them. And based on this information, we’ll improve your website – so that the customers can easily find everything they need.

How can we do it?

By understanding your customers

Sklik, AdWords, XENU, Open Refine, Keyword Tool or Marketing Miner – we have plenty of tools to find out what your customers are thinking and searching for.

By a clear Excel table

To understand thousands of words without any problem, we combine them into larger units, and we put it into a clear Excel table.

By reporting everything

The output of the key analysis consists of thousands of words you will probably be surprised at what your customers are interested in.

By proposing changes to your website

For each group of words on the website, you should have a target page. Therefore, we recommend, how to appropriately adjust the tree structure of your website.

All clear and successful websites have one thing in common: processed keyword analysis. Only when you understand the way your clients are thinking can you create a meaningful web space for them.

Pavel Horelica
SEO consultant
Pavel Horelica

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