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We evaluate the impact on your social networks

We prepare content and advertising strategy

We get the most from a social network for you

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Social networks can make money, reinforce the brand, and improve the relationship with customers. But you need to know how to work with them.

Facebook, Twitter or Google+ are not advertising spaces and their users are not interested in advertising. However, we are able to convince them.

How can we do it?

We reach relevant audience

Fans and follower are not the same as Pokémon - you do not have to catch them all. We address just those people that are interested in your business.

We know what the people are interested in

To entertain, to enlighten, to delight, and to push. We know what works on social networks - our contributions have a huge organic outreach.

We speak human language

You cannot use advertising or formal style of language on social networks. We have to write and talk in normal language. It builds credibility.

We evaluate

We evaluate every contribution and every advertisement. Therefore, we are constantly improving the strategy to perfection.

In social networks, there is a huge potential for any kind of business. We will help you to exploit this potential. It has never been easier to earn money or to reinforce your brand.

Dominik Bezděk
Dominik Bezděk

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