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We analyze all of your advertising campaigns

We make sure that the campaigns will make you money in the end

We will save you thousands of euros a month

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The majority of advertising campaigns should have only one goal: to make a lot of money. The number of pageviews or click-throughs will not help if you pay thousands for campaigns and you gain nothing.

With the audit of advertising campaigns, we make sure that your campaigns finally begin to earn money and to reinforce your brand.

How can we do it?

We gather data

We are not just guessing – we are precisely measuring! We will go through your Google Analytics, Adwords or Sklik - and we will put all of the data into one document.

We write down recommendations

You will highly appreciate this document. We recommend which campaigns you should modify to strengthen them or which ones you should turn off. Of course, we give you all the necessary explanations.

We evaluate data

We create a table with total costs and revenues and we separate them into the smallest items - so that we quickly find out which campaigns are making money and which ones are not.

We give you know-how

In the end, we will advise you how to properly evaluate the campaign. And we will find some interesting advertising opportunities in the future.

Stop pouring your money down the drain. Audit of advertising campaigns tells you exactly which campaigns to pay for and which ones you should quit as soon as possible.

Eva Jurčíková
Marketing manager
Eva Jurčíková

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