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We collect and divide the recipients of e-mails

We choose the perfect system for sending e-mails

We prepare great campaigns and timetables

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E-mail marketing is more profitable than SEO, PPC, and social networks together.

The most successful campaigns of the world can gain 44 crowns from one crown. We can promise such profitability, but we can promise the return of hundreds of percent.

How can we do it?

We collect and divide

We collect e-mails on your website or we use a proven source. All recipients are then separated by their gender, age, interests and so on.

We prepare a great campaign

We play with the design, we create amazing content, and we deliver a detailed timetable. We are 100% in to do our best with every e-mail.

We select a suitable system

MailChimp, SmartEmailing, Silverpop… We always choose a system that will bring the ideal cost-benefit ratio.

We evaluate and improve

After the end of every e-mail campaign, we precisely evaluate the results. From them, we learn for the next time. And this is how we are constantly improving the e-mailing service.

Sending spam will just make people angry. Smart e-mail marketing makes a lot of money. If you want the second possibility, just let us know.

Anička Rybníčková
Anička Rybníčková

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