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We find out how people are searching for you

We prepare a detailed structure of the campaign for youí

We run ads that will earn you a lot of money

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PPC campaigns can earn, but also lose a big amount of money. Therefore, we are careful in the time of processing the campaigns. We start prudently, but gradually increase volume, so that they gain more and more money.

How can we do it?

We do keyword analysis

We will prepare keyword analysis to see what your customers are looking for on the internet. It will help us in the creation of advertisements.

We modify entrance pages

To bring visitors to your site is just half of the work. The visitor has to order a product as well. Therefore, we modify all of the entrance webpages.

We create a structure

For each group of keywords, we prepare relevant alerts. We focus mainly on the words with the greatest potential.

We run and we measure the campaign

Immediately after setting up the PPC campaign, we evaluate the performance every day. We modify or turn off those who are non-profitable and we strengthen the profitable ones.

Be on the first page of search engines and pay only for real visitors. PPC campaigns are perfect - and with us, you will just earn money.

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PPC specialist
Jana Sýkorová

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