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We take beautiful and detailed photos on a white background

We remove any glare and we calibrate the color

We fine tune the photos so that you will love them

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If you want a successful e-shop, you have to have perfect photos of your products.

Unlike stores, people visiting an e-shop cannot see or touch the products you are offering. We make such realistic photos that your customers will feel like they are physically shopping.

How can we do it?

We’ll make pure white background

Many studies have shown that people prefer those photos, which are on a white background. And we know how to achieve such a background.

We fine-tune them to perfection

We get rid of glares, noise, and dark places and we calibrate the color. You will not believe how many things it’s possible to make with a photo.

We take beautiful pictures

With a top Nikon camera, professional photographer, and unique techniques, your photos will appear be better than you ever imagined.

We adapt to your product

Are you selling mobile phones? We can make photos in 360°. Do you have e-shop with clothes? We apply a hidden figure. We do everything necessary to create the perfect image.

Products with professional photos sell up to 30% better than those with amateur photos. Therefore, the investment in nice photos will quickly return.

Vojtěch Svoboda
graphic and designer
Vojtěch Svoboda

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